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Hello! My name is Slobodan and I am the founder of ConsultEng.

Ever since I set up my service in 2017, my goal has been the same – to offer the best place for anyone who wants to get ahead in life to improve their English.

ConsultEng was an idea that turned into a real passion for helping people to better their lives.

If you feel stuck at a certain level or have decided to reach an advanced level of English, having a coach who will support you on that journey, instead of simply trying to teach you, is one of the most productive approaches to language development. My role as a language trainer & coach is to support and empower you, the learner, on your self-led learning journey. This means that as a trainer & coach, I will be focusing on you, your needs, and your requirements instead of just expecting you to go over some lessons in a book someone wrote for everyone. I am here to support and encourage you on your way to your goals.

I am aware of the fact that there are not many services that provide such authentic language improvement results; however, I am fully dedicated to helping English language learners via training and coaching. This is not a part-time or seasonal job for me – this is all I do, and I love doing it.

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As far as formal education is concerned, I have a university degree in teaching English as a foreign language, and I’ve completed the University of Cambridge CELTA course and language coaching training, as well as numerous seminars, webinars and workshops. But all that is just the tip of the iceberg (i.e., it’s only what you see and can measure). The value I’d like to offer you comes from 15 years of experience working with adults, young adults and teens. The preparation, research and variety of methodologies I’ve used to deliver more than 15,000 hours of teaching are a valid guarantee that you are in the right place to improve your English. If you would like to know more about my career path, visit my LinkedIn profile. One more important factor to consider: the experience and cultural insights I gained from training and coaching students in more than 15 countries all over Europe and Asia were very enriching for my professional character.

There are two things that I am really passionate about: English training & coaching and using technology to enhance language learning. The first of these you have already read about above. The second, using technology in language learning, is something I implement and try to share with my colleagues continuously through conferences, my blog, and now through my free online content.

English by itself will not raise your quality of life, but in today’s world, it will open many doors for you, whether by helping you enhance your professional, social or personal status or by helping you emigrate to another country. If you are already learning English, then you probably want to feel confident about using it. Together, as a team, we can reach the goals that you set for yourself!



ConsultEng’s mission is to help our learners to remove all obstacles which prevent effective language learning and support developing clear and productive communication.


Our vision is to empower all our learners so using the target language and having meaningful communication become effortless for them.

Happy Clients About Me


What I liked most is his ability to motivate you to study harder and "to show you where to look but not tell you what to see". You have to figure it out by yourself.

Gordana I.PR Officer

Slobodan believed in me more than I did and that’s what helped me a lot to break through the fear of speaking in English. He has great passion for his work.

Elena S.Social Media Marketing Manager

He helped me find my optimal direction and inspired me to follow it. That helped me gain a lot of confidence which took my language to a whole other level.

Minh Duc N.Senior Software Developer

Slobodan is a trainer who is really responsive to student's needs. He is always ready to tailor his lessons in order to satisfy the requirements of his student.

Julia V.English Teacher

I couldn't speak English at all before working with Slobodan. He supported my development and gave me all the resources which helped me so much in the learning process.

Dijana C.Pharmacist

After a session with Slobodan, I usually feel inspired because while we work my dream is coming true - step by step I’m becoming a fluent English speaker and writer.

Anna T.Lawyer

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