Motivated people who would like to go forward and take their English abilities to an advanced level. This is not only about improving your language knowledge and skills but also improving the quality of your communication in English.

If you are one of many people who learned English before, perhaps in school or in a language course, but you couldn’t really see progress after a while. Or, maybe, you’re trying to work on your English now, in different ways, on your own or with someone but you feel stuck and don’t have a plan how to move forward. We have great news for you!

You are not the problem; the problem is the way you were taught. The key word here is TAUGHT.

We will support you and find the best possible way for you to LEARN the language. That is the big difference – you will learn – in that way you will know it, remember it and will be able to use it in real life.

We have a variety of packages, subscriptions and individual sessions. You only need to choose.

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